security.dOne of the main issues in modern societies is security for population and infrastructure. In both cases, danger coming from either the inside of societies or from outside them can cause casualties or damages. The fact that societies always are surprised by the contrivances of attackers is showing that there is a gap in security. This gap can be bridged by using CAX methodology to train security officials and personnel,  decision makers and population for preventing events that can cause major issues to any society.

Speaking about security in big cities and metropolis, is a matter of a huge try to control criminality and support planning for facing terrorist attacks and societal expression of violence. There is an important issue for controlling criminality and terrorism: Criminal can always surprise security agencies. The question arising is if there something that may reduce the possibility for security agencies to be surprised by criminals and terrorists?


MSETT’s methodology for training security personnel has as main objective to provide the feeling that nothing cannot be prevented. Based on multiple scenarios and various possible and impossible events for every scenario, training audience, can surely get in a more complicated simulation environment with a great level of realization. In such an environment, trainees are pushed to operate in short time and under the pressure of unknown conditions. By playing lots of times different “surprises” in their own  operational “manner” they can get results from simulation providing significant information about the effectiveness of planning and their own skills.

Security personnel is always dealing with a danger that cannot very well pre described. That’s why they have to specify how they should react under certain situations and in which way they can execute the planning in both tactical and operational level. Evaluation of skills is not enough and evaluation of planning has to do with specific plans.

MSETT’s methodology provide the capability for security personnel of adapting new ideas in short time by using simulation and visualization.

CAX methodology for security is focused in three major categories:
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Development which is a methodology for training the personnel in two ways: First, to avoid possible attacks to critical infrastructure and second to immerse security personnel to chack certain characteristics before the “critical point”. The “critical point” is defined as the time point just excaclty before an attack in a critical inffastructure happens. In this case security personnel is trained to recognize all the minor incidents which may lead to a major event. Simulation of noumerous scenarios related to historical data, irrational activities and terrorist “tactics”, used through methodological procedures, injects security personnel and even more officialls to “record” strange behaviours and not usual situations in order to prevent the major events.
  • Daily Activities Security for Population, is a methodology that uses simulation to produce everydy activities of population in certain areas and study “unexpected” actions either from the usual population or from “outcomers”. The objective of this method is to prevent armed roberies, idividual attacks, bulluying, violent behaviours, low and large scale terrorit attacks, population threatening, smuggling and every kind of action that can cause casualties and injuries to population.
  • Events Management Security, which is a full scenario simulation based on real events with major importance like sports and cultural events, exhibitions, conferences,  international meetings, VIP private events and every kind of prearranged event that can be targeted for criminal or terrorist attacks. The procedures of simulation are based on multiple scenarios that may cause problems to the event security. These scenarios are generated by a “scenario generator” by taking in consideration historical data, criminal “tactics”, terrostists’ characteristics and security capabilities. 


MSETT’s experts in the area, people with great experience in security issues, produce customized solutions after a scalable study of the security requirements and simulation in both tactical and operational level, when needed. For minor projects a full exercise and a final solution takes no more than 4 – 5 weeks and for major events takes from 3 – 4 months. The whole method saves valuable time and of course money and at the same time it can offer the certainity of minimizing the possibility of human losses.


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