Partners & Associates

It is of great importance to host the opinions, research results, working experience and single comments of the world community of Modeling and Simulation. The idea is to bring together everyone that can provide even a small stone in building the next generation in Modeling and Simulation and at the same time to evolve methodologies such as CAX. Our friends and partners with their high professional level, knowledge and experience are the steeping stone for achieving this target. Meet them through our pages and share their perspective for CAX, Modeling & Simulation, Society, Operational Planning, Security, Geo strategic Environment and many other interesting topics. Just pick from the list:

Dr Dusan Marinsic                      Dusan’s CV                             Dusan’s Posts 
Dr Peter Clark                               Peter’s CV                               Peter’s Posts
Abdelrahman Al Zarouni         Abdlerahman’s CV              Abdelrahman’s Posts
Stathis Psariadis                          Stathis’ CV                              Stathis Posts
Emmanouil Christofis                Mano’s CV                              Mano’s Posts
Andrjei Wnuk                                Andy’s CV                               Andy’s Posts
Theo Van Der Waal                     Theo’s  CV                               Theo’s Posts
Anthony D. Papagiannides      Antony’s CV                           Antony’s Posts

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