Marcus Tactical Simulation

A really impressive constructive simulation model, is the “Marcus Tactical Simulation”. It is developed by the Hungarian company Artifex Simulation and Training Systems Ltd, one of the older developers for constructive simulation models. It has been for more than 20 years that Artifex programmers are working on a set of simulation models and military training and operational software. Marcus, is capable of simulating a significant set of operations in a comprehensive way which includes:

• Land battle warfare and homeland security
• Naval warfare and joint operations (assaults and air assaults)
• Logistics support advanced operations (with a minimum echelon level to infantry team)
• Electronic warfare modelling, including modules for cyber defense 
• Air warfare and Air defense simulation included ATO generator and ATO translator tools (in latest version) 
• Peace keeping and disaster relief, military – civilian cooperation
• Police and Fire brigade advanced operational level services simulation
• NBC, CBRN operations and contamination prevention
• Critical infrastructure security, homeland security and anti–terrorism operations
• Migration operations, refugee control and SAR operations

Marcus map 2
Marcus can be used in secure networking environment with a low cost and can support distributed Computer Assisted Exercises architectures based on its really simple but efficient structure and functionality. It can also support CAX in wide areas or given as a set of operational areas and by this way Marcus can be used in order to support operational level training for HQ’s and decision makers. Marcus can be connected with Command & Control systems and advanced C4I, C4ISR systems, through HLA tools. Additionally,  aggregation – disaggregation processes are available in a very efficient and simple way, regarding map analysis and the echelon level of operations, providing cross level training and supporting multi purpose – service exercises.
Marcus provides a realistic representation for a set of operational data as it describes in a very detailed way strategy, doctrines, tactics and logistics management (representing also supplies chain management procedures). It can also represent reallistically human behavior by constracting entities including such characteristics.

At the same time, Marcus is very flexible and can be scaled to any requirements. The model includes multi-resolution terrain and entities model, and all of them can be mixed in a scenario. Very large play-box is supporting multiple areas of operations, with no limited high resolution insets including buildings (layout can be defined) and street furnitures, aggregated level units mixed with a single pilot. Marcus can meet at the same time operational, tactical and very high resolutions needs, offering a holistic solution for exercises and assist LOCON’s activities in multiple levels.
Battle scenarios can contain any desired formation, weapons capability and force deployment in the battlefield, for friendly forces, the situational forces (SITFOR) and the Grey Cells. It contains high resolution digitized vector map database, which can be imported from standard formats. Also Marcus can use free and open source databases, so the whole Earth is available to train. It is describing realistically a wide range of environmental and human factors, as light conditions, wind, rain, snow, temperature, contamination areas, etc. and also suppression, recovery, fatigue, training level and morale. The pre – installed tactical database contains detailed technical parameters of modeled military equipment used by most NATO and weapon systems coming from countries except NATO. Additionally, a unique feature of Marcus is that end-users do not need specialized database engineers. Terrain and tactical database can be extended or modified by  end-users – operators (usually mid ranked military personnel) through the built-in database interface.
MArcus 6
Artifex releases major updates of Marcus twice every year. Updates are based on the end-user requirements and requests, by the clear worldwide situation changes, the new weapons appereance and older weapons capabilities development and the need to include new ideas for tactics, battlefield and logistics management. 
Marcus is used for more than 20 years from the Hungarian Armed Forces and by a lot of NATO and non NATO nations in multinational exercises managed by the HUN MoD.
Also, the exercise “Brave Warrior 2016”, the Hungarian managed multinational exercise is the next important milestone. Marcus will be installed to Slovenia (as it was in the last year BW2015) and to Croatia. Croatian military officers will be trained and supported by Artifex to manage the exercise.
MSETT Hellas S.E., in cooperations with Artifex has proposed a free yearly trial of Marcus for the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, where Marcus will start get tested by the end of October 2016.