Konstantinos Tsiakalos

Managing Director

Konstantinos Tsiakalos is a retired Colonel of Greek Army Research and Informatics Division. His combined backround consists of military, operational research, CIS and strategic studies. He has awarded an MSc in Statistics and Op. Research and he is a candidate Phd in Modeling and Simulation in Genoa University.  He participated in a great number of NATO, national and international Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX) and Experimentations during his army career. He worked for more than nine years for the Hellenic National Defence General Staff Modelling and Simulation Centre (HNDGSMSC), having both technical and operational duties. He retired during the period he was the deputy director of the HNDGSMSC.
He has worked on many research projects for developing Computer Assisted Exercises methodology, including the CAX doctrine for Hellenic Armed Forces, as well as he has developed together with his team the MSETT CAX methodology and Training System.  MSETT CAX methodology and Training System can be customized and used for a wide range of applications, such as, military, security, healthcare, cyber defense and historical studies.

Also, he and his team have supported a serious number of CAX worldwide and among others in NATO/JWC, Ecole de Guerre (France) and Presidential Guards of UAE.

He is the founder of MSETT Ltd and the President of MSETT Hellas (www.msett.co.uk).
He has publised several articles and works for CAX  and Wargaming.

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