Joint Theatre Level Simulation (JTLS)


In the official site of Rolands & Associates there is a very accurate description of the only theatre level joint operations constructive simulation model:

“The Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS®) is an interactive, Internet-enabled simulation that models multi-sided air, ground, and naval civil-military operations with logistical, Special Operation Force (SOF), and intelligence support. JTLS development began in 1983 as a project funded by the U.S. Readiness Command, the U.S. Army Concepts Analysis Agency, and the U.S. Army War College. The simulation was originally designed as a tool for development and analysis of joint as well as combined (coalition) operations plans. Today, JTLS is always used as a training support model that is theater-independent and does not require a knowledge of programming to operate effectively.
The primary focus of the JTLS system is conventional joint and combined operations at the Operational Level of War as defined by the Joint Staff’s Universal Joint Task List. JTLS explicitly models air, land, sea, amphibious, and SOF operations. The simulation supports limited nuclear and chemical effects, low-intensity conflict, pre-conflict operations, as well as support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations.”

JTLS can fully support joint operations scenarios in strategic – operational level and it provide the capability to CAX planners to embody doctrines and tactics through advanced database tools. It is also capable of supporting a very high level of realism in operations as the produced results of battle are computed either by stochastic models (for air and naval battle) or by deterministic models based on Lanchesterian Differential Equations (for the land battle) taking in consideration a numerous set of variables.


On the other hand it is the only constructive simulation model that provide the capability to plan and execute automatically an ATO (Air Tasking Orders) as a part of an operational planning procedure for supporting joint operations. JTLS is used from more than 35 countries, agencies and organisations worldwide and it is usually supported for training and technical issues from the company which is developing it (Rolands’ & Associates, R&A,

jtls 2

R&A is releasing 1-2 versions of JTLS per year with minor changes and usually 1 version every 2-3 years with major developments and changes. JTLS is HLA (High Level Architecture) compatible and it can be connected to C2, C4 and C4I systems with a significant programming effort. Its world map consists from hexagon and it provide the capability to use other map formats as layers. In the latest version 5.0 (or JTLS – GO) hexagon world map is going to be replaced by rectangular world map, keeping the battle mathematical computation model as it was before.

Finally, JTLS can be used for experimentation and operational evaluation purposes from HQ’s (Brigade level, the lowest) and in cross  – multi level CAX and multi purpose scenarios.

MSETT Ltd and MSETT Hellas S.E. personnel is working with JTLS form more than 14 years and can provide training, scenario building, database development and technical support for CAX using as their main model JTLS.