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The idea of reducing the costs of non field military training generated the idea of Computer Assisted Exercises which came as a logical procedure after almost 20 years of war gaming based on simulation. Again the main advantage of CAX is the great level of realism and interaction between enemy and friendly forces without real contact and battle. Commanders, up to a point , express the opinion that the only training that meets 100% the military standards is the field training.

But what if we can provide a realistic live environment in which training will achieve its objectives, train in other words military personnel to face war, experience violence and get used with the idea of death? Graphics, algorithms and metamathematical models can guarantee that realization level can be really high and military personnel will perfectly trained, operational planning should be reliably evaluated and decision making will effectively supported.

War gaming, CAX and Experimentation can provide a unique proposal for commanders to train their personnel for war issues and for operational planners to  have a supportive tool.  MSETT has already developed three war games that can be used as the basis for every possible client to use them and develop its own war games.

  • Short preparation time.
  • Capability of contacting a CAX, Wargame and Experimentation related on the client’s budget.
  • Training Audience Evaluation.
  • Simulation with different levels of realism.
  • Low cost solutions for technical support.
  • Value added services for After Action review and Analysis.


The purpose of MSETT’s war games is to fulfil all level and services operational requirements and add value to military personnel capabilities in addition with all levels of planning including strategic level over complex parameters. The three war games can produce also CAX scenarios and a set of Experimentations.  Here is a description of those games:

  • Agamemnon: Strategic war game based on World War I, World War II and NATO operations.
  • Hector: Tactical war game with service oriented sub scenarios based in defensive operations for military units up to the level of Brigade.
  • UlyssesTactical war game supported with visualization focused on offensive joint operations and comprehensive scenarios coming from real operations with “irrational” activities and asymmetric war, cyber defence and terrorism events. 


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