Computer Assisted Exercises

A Computer Assisted Exercise is a Synthetic Exercise where electronic means are used to simulate scenarios, processes and procedures of all kinds and levels of operations, in complex environments. Simulation is executed by experts who receive operational orders from the Training Audience; they interact with simulation models and feed back the Training Audience with the results of simulation. CAX is providing realistic training for the Training Audience and control, evaluation and administration of operations for the Exercise Control Group and Operational Planners.

CAX outcomes – products have to be proposals or / and solutions, for decision makers, planners and operational staffs, based on mathematical tools (mainly operational research tools such as game theory or dynamic programming) and not just Lessons Learned or Lessons Identified.

They have to be generated from simulation results analysis and they must focus on CAX objectives.

There must be no uncertainty or doubt for decision makers, planners and operational staffs to use the products of a CAX immediately for plans and actions in real life scenario(s).

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