Fun and Safety

The evolution is here ….

Our experts, created a product mainly for our own use and convenience and then to benefit friends and partners from all over the world who face the same challenges as we do. Our team consists of 15 people, a wonderful mix of Americans and Europeans, all of us experts on particular areas of security such as defense, cyber defense, IT, security product designers, but above all and aside of our expertise, we are just ordinary people who have the same needs like you do.

All of us commute to our work daily and when we use public transportation and we move in crowded places, carrying our backpack without a padlock on is not the safest thing to do. Thus, we decided to use our creativity and expertise to benefit the world.

We are changing the way padlocks work, we are traveling to the future, we use the latest technology available as well as our designing skills and we need your support to open this project to the world.

After using our padlock, you will never want to use a traditional lock every again! Impressive design, amazing colors, advanced technology and extreme security. What else would you ask on a padlock?

It is a unique project.

We do guarantee for our our expertise and ability to produce this padlock

Express the magnitude of what contributors will help you achieve.

Every single backer makes a difference in this campaign and your contribution is priceless to us.

If you want to support this idea just visit

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